Saturday August 12, 2023 
PORPA and The US Army Corps of Engineers are excited to announce that the 2023 PORPA SPRINTS on the Priest River will be held on 12 August 2023 at the Priest River Recreation Area (Mudhole) in Priest, River, ID.  This day will celebrate non-motorized watercraft with fun races for all ages and abilities. 
There are different craft types:
- Kayak (recreational and racing)
- Stand Up Paddleboard
- Canoe
- Raft
- Sculling
- Sweeping
- Raft
There are different categories:
- Youth 1 (10 and under)
- Youth 2 (11 - 14)
- Youth 3 (17 and under)
- Novice  (less than 1 year experience)
- Experienced
Multi Craft Relay Races to end the day
Youth register and participate for free due to generous donations from local organizations, businesses, and individuals. 
If you would like to donate to this event please click on the Donate Today banner on the PORPA.org home page.
We would like to thank our Donors and Sponsors:
Kalispel Tribe of Indians
Northern Quest Casino
Aerocet Inc
Synergy Design Studio,Inc.
Expect a Lot Signs and Banners


ACE Selkirk Hardware Inc.
Ford and Jean Elsaesser
Ivory Dental
Eagle's Nest Motel
Priest Gardens
Mitchell’s Harvest Foods
2023 Priest River Sprints Preliminary Schedule
SATURDAY - August 12, 2023   (estimated times, may vary depending on events)
7:00 AM *    Priest River Recreation Area (Mudhole) gate opens.
                    Participants arrive, park, rig, set-up watercraft.
                    *please note, campers will be at the park, so 700-800 AM is quiet time.
7:30 AM:     Check-in opens. (Distribute race times/numbers/relay teams)
7:45 AM:     Safety Meeting (rowers). All experienced rowers must attend.
8:00 AM:     Rowers 1000m race (1st flight) start
8:30 AM:     Rowers 1000m race (2nd flight) start
9:00 AM:     Rowers 1000m race (3rd flight) start
9:30 AM:     Rowers 1000m race (4th flight) start
9:00 AM:     Safety Meeting (all remaining watercraft).
                    All experienced and novice racers must attend.
10:00 AM:   Experienced (more than 1 year experience) paddlers 1000m race start
10:30 AM:   Experienced (more than 1 year experience) SUP, Canoe, Raft 500m race start
11:00 AM:   Novice (less 1 year experience) and Juniors (14 and under)
                    r  owers and paddlers 500m race start
11:15 AM:   Safety Meeting (relay racers). All relay racers must attend.
11:45 AM:   Relay Race (5th flight) start ~1500m 
1 PM:          Awards and lunch at the Picnic Pavilion
2 PM:          Kalispel Tribe canoe history and demonstrations
3 - 4 PM:     non-motorized water craft demonstrations
Kalispel Tribe of Indians Canoes and Culture
2-3 pm Beach Area- Free

Join Tribal members and experts in learning more about the relationship the Kalispel people have with the Pend Oreille and other rivers in the area.


Like other tribes, the Kalispels have been profoundly influenced by their environment, with the most profound influence coming from the environment created by the Pend Oreille River they call “ntxwe”. This Kalispel word, it is said, symbolically reduces all other streams to an inferior status. It was from this river that Kalispel culture arose. The Kalispel would say “the river and we are of one mind”.