2021 Warren Foersch Award

Pend Oreille Rowing and Paddling Association

The selection of the person to be recognized with the Warren Foersch Award for 2021 was very easy.  All members of the committee chose the same person which made the selection process short.

The Warren Foersch Award was introduced in 2019 to honor our now departed friend Warren Foersch in recognition of his spirit of prevailing against all odds with never ending optimism and commitment.

The selection process takes into consideration what the member has done for the benefit of our organization, the improvement of the personal technique or performance and the added value to the sport of rowing.

The member selected for the 2022 Warren Foersch award is Gayne Sears.  She did not only lead us as the president of PORPA but simultaneously was president of Spokane River rowing.  She attended a rowing camp back east during the summer to improve her sculling  technique since she acquired a new single.  She was also instrumental in the creation of the Priest River Sprints that were cancelled due to lightning forecasted on the day of the event but have already been scheduled for 2022.


Congratulations Gayne and thank you for your efforts and dedication


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