Family Day 2023 brings 4 new rowers

Pend Oreille Rowing and Paddling Association

Family Day 2023 wa succesfull at adding four rowers to the world!

The Merrill family (Caroline, Clint, Hannah and Max) with Max's firend Kohta showed up at 8:00 am to do the on-land session of introduction to rowing.  At 9:00 am at the Mudhole the whole gang was excited to practice the learned technique on water.

Caroline, Hannah, Kotha and Max got on the ntx-w-e (quad) with Okju as cox/coach.  Clint got on the stern seat of the Seashell with Erwin as bow/coach.  All new rowers practiced the sequences learned on the erg just an hour eqrlier and eventully managed to get some good strokes in.  The weather and air quality cooperated and we all had great fun.  Guy was on his canoe and enjoyed being able to keep up with the quad in the marsh during the arms only and arms and body routines.

About an hour later most were mentally exhausted due to the concentration required to get that sequence right.  It was good to see the progress of such a group of gifted athletes.  For sure they will be able to row with any of us in the near future if they keep up the practice (on land or on water).

Afterwards we all had our fill of well deserved quesadillas and booster drinks that 'give you wings'.

This was definitely an event that will need to be repeated as a PORPA tradition.