2022 Warren Foersch Award

Pend Oreille Rowing and Paddling Association

The Warren Foresch Award was introduced in 2019 to honor our now departed friend Warren Foresch. This award is a symbol of Warrens’s spirit to prevail against odd and his endless optimism and commitment. The selection process takes into consideration a member’s effort that greatly benefit our organization through improvement of personal technique or performance while adding value to the sport of rowing.


In 2022 there were two highly deserving individuals nominated. Members of the committee selected Okju Cha as the 2022 recipient of the Warren Foresch Award. Okju spent endless hours on the water in various boats practicing her stroke and is always open to suggests for improvement. Even though PORPA boats are extra challenging for a person of her stature, she has built the confidence, balance, and oar handling ability to become an accomplished oarswoman in any boat. Her willingness to participate in races speaks to her love of the sport. Additionally, Okju contributes incredible value to the sport of rowing in northern Idaho, by freely contributing her time, cooking talents, and willingness to assist in the public facing aspects of the club - especially, encouraging people to participate in the PORPA Sprints every chance she got (even on hot summer afternoons at the Mudhole!). Congratulations Okju and Well-Deserved!