PORPA Press Release

Pend Oreille Rowing and Paddling Association

Thanks to Sheila for writing this press release which made it to several local newspapers.

2020 posed many challenges for rowing clubs everywhere. Using the USR owing guidelines, PORPA  members adapted and continued to row in 2020. New guidelines  allowed individuals to row  single shells with double shells reserved for multi-member family rowers. Aditionally PORPA adjusted membership fees to better serve member ’s budgets through financial uncertanty .  The PORPA board of directors are confindent that the club will continue to adapt in order to continue to support members in 2021 .

Especially helpful during the 2020 season, PORPA’s new website supported members with club updates, fleet informat ion and allowed members use online tool s to  book rowing sessions, purchase gear and pay membership fees. See WWW.Porpa.org  for more information.


The rowing season kicked off on  July 18, 2020 and with the help of local residents, 2 more single shells were added to the fleet for members use. July and August recreational rowing registrations showed use almost every day. August  proved to be the most spectacular time to row. Weather and t empuratures being ideal, August 17th had 30 session registrations. A new spin on the season was the addition of "Ladies night" on Wednesdays.  September smoke hindered activity but rowing continued until mid-O ctober when water be came too low to be safe at the Mudhole.  October 22 concluded the rowing season with a sunny launch at Spirit Lake.  2020 memberships included 21 individuals, 9 family and 7 social members.


U.S. Corps of Engineers and PORPA  continued to  discuss recreational water use at the "Mudhole" facilities by the public as well as members. Using recreational surveying of public users as a tool, information gathered this summer will help to determine non-motorized recreational needs in the future. Both entities are working together to provide more non-motorized use opportunities for kayaks, canoes and stand up paddleboads.


Since 2020 proved to be unsuitible for a Regtta event, plans are underway for 2021 season.  Regatta activities are planned for early August and will also include paddling activities for kayaks, canoes and SUPs.   This fun event is a celebration of water recreation for folks of all ages.  The PORPA will be continuing the Lea rn-To-Row program for beginners and a member Safety-Standown  event in the spring (COVID-19 guidlenes pending) .


PORPA would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year and encourage people to continue to stay healthy and fit.