Maiden voyage for our new QUAD was a success

Pend Oreille Rowing and Paddling Association

Sunday July 15th was a special date for PORPA.  We finally launched our new Quad for its maiden voyage on the Priest River.


During a well attended recreational rowing session, we had two visitors from SRRA to complete the required 5 for the QUAD, Peggy, Val, Cat, Marnie and Liberty worked out the rotation to be able to have all five row.  The Seashell was also out with Judy and Mark.  Matthew was on the Ocean, Erwin on the Star and Sharon on her private single.  We also had Guy and Sheila on canoe and kayak and a visitor on a SUP.


Val and Cat thought the Quad session was not enough and took out the HW 2x out afterwards.


If we have another well attended Sunday next weekend, we could take out the GB3 eight for a session.